Best Sliding Barn Door Hardware Kits – The Making of a Statement Piece

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Planning on redecorating your home? There are numerous ways to improve the aesthetic appeal of your house, from adding accent décors to changing the layout of the furniture. If you prefer just a quick makeover, though, getting the best sliding barn door hardware is an excellent idea.


Switching to a sliding barn door could dramatically transform any indoor space into something out of a magazine. Moreover, this type of door won’t affect the overall structure of a house. This is because the installation process will only use non-invasive screws and bolts, and you won’t need to tear down walls.

Lastly, the aesthetic character that a sliding barn door adds to an indoor space also increases the house’s market value.

Best Buy Sliding Barn Door Hardware Reviews

Best Sliding Barn Door Hardware Kits

To help you with your project, we searched for the top-performing sliding door kits on the market and narrowed the list down to 11 tracks and the best options for handle lock, pipe handle pull, ball bearing, and handle.

Get a glimpse of each one’s highlighted features to know which one matches your home interior.

1. SmartStandard 8-ft Heavy-Duty Sliding Barn Door Hardware Kit

SmartStandard 8-ft Heavy-Duty Sliding Barn Door Hardware Kit

This SmartStandard SDH-0080-STANDARD-BK heavy-duty sliding door kit exhibits durability at the initial glance. It is made from ¼-inch thick carbon steel with powder coat finishing.

Highlighted Features

  • Thick steel wall spacers
  • Durable carbon steel construction
  • Powder coat finish
  • Grooved wheels
  • 220 pounds of maximum weight load capacity
  • Extra carriage bolts and anchors for block and concrete walls mounting

The hardware has an l-shaped design, excellent for mounting doors in spaces with limited header clearance. This sliding barn door hardware kit can carry a maximum weight of 220 pounds. It caters to door panels with a width measurement between 42” and 48”.

The package comes in a complete set, with the sliding barn door hardware kit and the needed parts for installation. You’d also get an easy-to-follow installation manual, as well as manufacturer-provided extra carriage bolts and anchors for installing on block or concrete walls.

Should you buy it?

The hardware kit suits most home designs and structures. In fact, it fits interiors with limited spaces. What’s more, you won’t need the help of a professional to install it, which means bigger savings on your part.


  • Good installation instructions
  • Well made using durable materials
  • Has a smooth operation
  • Guaranteed to last for many years


  • Plastic guide on the bottom
  • Short lag bolts (not for thick walls)

2. ZEKOO 5 To 16 Ft Double Track Bypass Sliding Barn Door Hardware

ZEKOO 5 To 16 Ft Double Track Bypass Sliding Barn Door Hardware

If you are looking for durable double barn door hardware, the ZEKOO Bypass Barn Door Hardware is a great buy. Let’s see what this barn door hardware kit has to offer.

Highlighted Features

  • Compatible with double door applications
  • High-quality carbon steel
  • 5-year warranty coverage
  • 100% money-back guarantee and 24-hours online support
  • Instructional guide for fast installation
  • Rubber stopper

The primary material of this ZEKOO GCM2877-1 barn door hardware is carbon steel, which is a known non-corrosive material. Combine that with the wear-resistant roller bearings, and you get sliding door hardware that moves swiftly and will last for years.

All in all, this kit can carry up to 220 pounds of door, so you have lots of options when it comes to the type of wooden door to use. For your peace of mind, rubberized stoppers are also present, which lowers the noise during operation.

Where can this heavy-duty door hardware kit be used?

The Bypass Barn Door will perfectly blend with modern style doors, including low-ceiling rooms. You can quickly add it to your interior space as a statement piece.

Is it a good deal for the money?

Yes, the product comes with a five-year warranty coverage. In addition to that, it also has a 100% money-back guarantee. Online customer support applies to this purchase.

How about installation?

Zekoo understands that not everyone has the skills to install this barn door hardware. As such, they prepared an instructional guide for customers to read and follow-through during the installation process.


  • Comes with an anti-jump pad
  • Available in different lengths
  • Does not corrode
  • Stable and safe to use
  • Does not make much noise


  • Installation instructions could be better

3. U-MAX 10-ft sliding Double Wood Door Hardware

U-MAX 10-ft sliding Double Wood Door Hardware

This barn door hardware kit can hold a door panel that is 30 inches wide and 1 3/8 to 1 ¾ thick. The primary material used is quality steel, which is sturdy and long-lasting.

Highlighted Features

  • Limited lifetime warranty on defective parts and damage
  • 150 to 200 pounds of weight capacity
  • J-shaped hardware
  • Includes door stoppers
  • Superior steel construction with frosted black finish

How can you be sure that this is a worthy purchase? The U-MAX is durable enough to hold any door weighing from 150 to 220 pounds.

More than that, you will find that the hardware kit includes detailed visual instructions for the installation. The manual features step-by-step instructions with pictures for your convenience.

What’s also impressive about this kit is that it includes a generous warranty offer. It boasts a free-of-charge parts replacement warranty for missing or defective parts.

Finally, you will appreciate that it works on most walls, both concrete and wooden. The design makes it compatible with double doors, too.


  • Comes with pictures for installation
  • Great value for money
  • Solid and durable construction
  • Looks visually appealing


  • Split top bar
  • Plastic guide

4. 5 FT Bypass Double Door Sliding Barn Door Hardware

5 FT Bypass Double Door Sliding Barn Door Hardware

This heavy-duty bypass double door sliding barn hardware showcases quality workmanship, which can be easily seen on the materials used to make it. Let’s see what makes it stand out from the rest of the options listed here.

Highlighted Features

  • Sturdy cast material with nylon wheels
  • Noise-free rolling
  • Money-back guarantee and 24-hours email support
  • Instructional video

Updating your home is easy with the elegant finish of this modern barn door hardware. The frosted black coat is ideal for any space, regardless if it’s a traditional or modern home.

With that said, will it be the right choice for the door panel you have?

As long as it doesn’t exceed 200 pounds and it’s anywhere from 30 to 48 inches wide, you’re good. It can accommodate standard door thickness, which is around 1 3/8 to 1 ¾ inches. If you have a door that is thicker than this, you can always invest in additional baseboard and spaces. Doing this will ensure maximum stability.

Is it covered with a warranty?

To protect your purchase, this comes with a 100% refund policy. For after-sales support, you can rely on the brand to be available 24 hours a day via email.

When it comes to installation, you get an in-depth, step-by-step guide, which includes an instructional video, manual, and diagrams.

Lastly, this is suitable for the installation of dividers, indoor doors, and even closet doors.


  • Ergonomic design to fit most spaces
  • Supports doors weighing up to 290 pounds
  • Suitable for door panels with 36” up to 48”
  • Excellent customer service


  • Plastic spacers
  • Installation instructions not clear

5. 6.6 FT Steel Sliding Double Wood Doors Bypass Track Kit

5. 6.6 FT Steel Sliding Double Wood Doors Bypass Track Kit

WBHome is recognized in the industry as a leading producer of sliding door kits. They boast over a decade of experience and aim to provide customers with affordable products.

This sliding barn door we featured is just one among the many of their creations that are well-loved by consumers from across the world.

Highlighted Features

  • Premium steel surface with frosted black finish
  • Maximum door weight capacity of 270 pounds
  • High-quality nylon rollers
  • Money-back guarantee applies on defective or damaged parts

The WBHome ‎SDH-BY23-BK Bypass Sliding Door Hardware Kit caters mostly for barn door applications, particularly for bigger houses. The hardware material depicts durability.

For long-lasting service, it is made using quality steel and coated with a frosted black surface finish. Because of how good it looks, it would easily stand out in any space, and as such, homeowners could use it to achieve that genuine barn door accent.

Then again, it’s not enough that it looks great. Is the installation fast and easy, as well?

You’d be glad to know that this hardware kit includes all vital parts for installation, which makes the process less complicated. In addition, rollers and door stoppers are also included to ensure a smooth operation.


  • Can be altered for a custom fit
  • Smooth and noise-free operation
  • Fireproof, waterproof, and rust-proof
  • Ideal for door panels 36” to 48” wide and 1 3/8” to 1 ¾” thick


  • Unclear installation instructions
  • A bit flimsy compared to other options

6. EaseLife 10-ft Single Track Kit

EaseLife 10-ft Single Track Kit

Like the other sliding door tracks on this list, the EaseLife sliding door kit also features a black powder coat finish. As such, you can be confident that it would fit nicely in your home, regardless of the interior design and décor.

What are the other noteworthy features that it offers? Let’s find out.

Highlighted Features

  • Heavy-duty steel with black coat finish
  • Multiple applications
  • For doors 60 inches wide and 1 3/8” to 1 ¾” thick
  • Ball-bearing technology

To ensure that the installation is less time-consuming, this features a J-shaped design. You can use it in different applications, such as inside your bedroom, along the aisle or hallway, to hide your kitchen, or add a twist to your garage.

With its solid construction, it can carry doors weighing up to 250 pounds.

More than that, in the package, you’d find a door stopper, roller, floor guide, and anti-jump protect. All of these show that this kit offers excellent value for money.


  • Made of material that does not rust
  • Can be installed in modern and traditional houses
  • Clear text and graphics included in the instruction manual
  • 24-hours online support for inquires and concerns
  • Has a slide-like butter mechanism
  • Available in different length options


  • Useless installation guide

7. TMS 6ft Sliding Barn Wooden Door Hardware Track Set

TMS 6ft Sliding Barn Wooden Door Hardware Track Set

The TMS Wooden Sliding Door Hardware is made from stainless steel material. With this, you can be sure that this door hardware would last for years to come.

Highlighted Features

  • Stainless steel hardware
  • Smooth satin finish
  • Customizable rail to fit the desired length
  • Adjustable screws

Not really into door hardware with a black finish? Then, you’d find this option from TMS a god-send. It has a smooth satin finish that makes it a perfect accent for any indoor or outdoor space.

While the rail measures 79 inches long, you can cut it to match your desired length. Aside from that, you’d appreciate that the removable end caps can be positioned anywhere along the rail.

The hardware kit also has premium-grade pulleys. They are responsible for the smooth operation of the sliding barn doors.

When it comes to installation, the straightforward instructions will guide you to install it easily—no need for special tools. The adjustable screws are non-invasive and ensure steady support of the sliding barn door. In fact, the timeline for installation would only take a few minutes.

You also won’t have to worry about any other necessary accessory. This kit comes complete with the rail on the length of your choosing, wall hangers, rollers, a door stopper, a floor guide, a door handle, Hex tools, and adjustable tools.


  • With removable end caps
  • Support door weight of 200 pounds
  • Compatible with doors with a thickness of 35 millimeters
  • Smooth operation
  • Comes in different length options


  • Not easy to install
  • Roller wears easily

8. WINSOON 18-ft Track Single Barn Door Kit

WINSOON 18-ft Track Single Barn Door Kit

WINSOON Sliding Bard Door Hardware exhibits sturdiness and durability through and through. The hardware material is stainless steel and has a black finish.

In a nutshell, it is an aesthetically appealing barn door kit that can be used both for indoor and outdoor areas. Let’s take a look at more of its features.

Highlighted Features

  • Stainless steel material in a frosted black finish
  • 230 pounds door weight capacity
  • Easy-to-follow instructional guide
  • Includes all needed parts for mounting
  • 100% money-back guarantee
  • Five-year factory warranty

If you have no idea how to install a barn door, the included step-by-step instructions, along with visuals for the assembly and installation, will help you out.

To show their dedication to producing quality products, every purchase comes with a five-year factory warranty and a 100% money-back guarantee. Also, customers can avail 24-hour online support for any concern relating to the product’s function and performance.

How does this hardware kit work?

This hardware kit consists of a six-foot track with an extra five feet if needed, giving customers a buffer length of 11 feet in total. The rails have already pre-drilled holes with at least 16 inches interval, ensuring the rail remains stable.


  • Ideal for double doors that are 108 inches wide
  • Compatible with doors with standard thickness
  • Available in many rail lengths
  • Slides smoothly and quietly
  • Has a door stopper, anti-jump pad, and T floor guide


  • Bulky door stops

9. DIYHD TSQ15 5.5-ft Industrial Wheel Sliding Barn Hardware

DIYHD TSQ15 5.5-ft Industrial Wheel Sliding Barn Hardware

The DIYHD Industrial Wheel Sliding Barn Wood is made of steel, which is a durable material guaranteed to last for years. What else can you get from this sliding door hardware?

Highlighted Features

  • Steel construction in a black finish
  • Includes two big wheels, one-rail, two stoppers
  • Has a floor guide and two anti-pads

What makes this industrial sliding barn door superior is that it can support up to 200 pounds of door weight without a problem. As such, you can use it in many applications, regardless if it’s for residential, commercial, or industrial use.

It’s suitable for heavy-duty doors with an approximate thickness of 35 to 45 millimeters. Also, for the convenience of the installer, the track is pre-drilled with 16” apart holes.

Lastly, the two big wheels of this door hardware are durable, giving you a smooth and minimal noise when it’s rolling.


  • Can carry a door with a max weight of up to 90 kilos
  • Works with door panels that measure 35 to 45 mm thick
  • Already comes with pre-drilled holes
  • Comes in a full set


  • Plastic glides

10. Homlux 5-ft Sliding Single Door Track Kit

Homlux 5-ft Sliding Single Door Track Kit

If you are going to invest in a door hardware kit, you’d want one that can last for years despite regular use. This is what the Homlux Sliding Door Kit offers. However, aside from that, it also has amazing features that make it a good buy.

Highlighted Features

  • Industrial grade tracks and pulleys
  • Door load capacity is 350 pounds
  • Has anti-jump disks,
  • Varied applications for wooden and concrete walls

This sliding door hardware kit boasts waterproofing and anti-rust coating. Because of this, you can use it in many applications, both indoors and outdoors. You can install it in your bar, garage, or stable, or you can use it as an accent piece in your kitchen or bedroom.

In fact, some commercial spaces can benefit from the aesthetic appeal of this sliding barn door, like pubs.

Defects due to mishandling during shipping is inevitable. Thankfully, this product is covered by the seller’s warranty. Replacement applies to incomplete or defective parts.

The installation requires viewing the instructional video to learn each vital part of the hardware and its correct installation.


  • Hold doors steadily
  • Keeps roller on the trail
  • Noise-free operation
  • Can be installed for both indoor and outdoor spaces
  • Covered with seller warranty (replacement for missing or defective parts)


  • Measurements are off
  • Plastic guide

11. 8-ft Single Sliding Door Hardware

8-ft Single Sliding Door Hardware

The INDUSTRIAL By DESIGN hardware kit delivers top performance on most applications. Customers love it because of its J-shaped hangers and the fact that it is stable and easy to install.

Highlighted Features

  • Long and sturdy track
  • Instructional installation video
  • Nylon wheels
  • Includes two-door stoppers
  • Limited lifetime warranty coverage and money-back guarantee

If you’re very particular with unnecessary noise, you’d like the quiet operation of this door hardware. This is thanks to the nylon rollers, which provide a much smoother glide and more silent operation than plastic or metal rollers.

These rollers have been tested to carry out 10,000 rolls, too, so you can be sure that you are getting your money’s worth. Other parts included in the package are two stoppers, a T-shaped floor guide, bolts, washers, and studs.

While that’s all well and good, what about the installation process, though?

For easy installation, watch the included video to see the actual installation. With this, even individuals with no DIY experience will manage to follow through with the project without difficulty.

This hardware kit can carry doors up to 225 pounds. It supports door panels that are 1 ¼ to 1 ¾ inch thick. You’d also love that it includes a limited lifetime warranty coverage as part of the customer’s protection on purchase.


  • Provides stable support
  • Creates less noise when rolling
  • Available in three lengths
  • Perfect for industrial, modern, and rustic interiors


  • Door can come off the slide easily

12. CCJH Invisible Barn Wood Sliding Door Gate Cup Handle Lock

CCJH Invisible Barn Wood Sliding Door Gate Cup Handle Lock

After choosing the right track, you would also want to look at other important hardware to complete the look. Here, the CCJH Cup Handle Lock Hardware would be a great choice. It has a distinct, non-invasive appearance that will preserve the aesthetic appeal of your sliding wooden door.

Highlighted Features

  • Includes one set of lock, screws, and three pieces of keys
  • Can be used for double doors, right- or left-handed
  • Lockable inside and outside (when locked inside, use the key to unlock)

With the use of premium materials, you can rest assured that you won’t be wasting your money on this door lock. The deadbolt is made of stainless steel, while the handle is zinc alloy, and the lock cylinder is brass.

The lock mechanism is lockable both from the inside and outside. You will be able to unlock it from outside by using the key. You can use it on wooden doors but not on doors made of zinc alloy.

Is it easy to install? One look at it and you will see that it’s quite similar to other door locks. As such, you won’t find many problems installing it. Also, it comes with easy-to-follow instructions for easy installation.


  • Compatible with wooden doors that 1 3/8 to 2 inches thick
  • Available in a variety of finishes
  • Fits both door orientation
  • Strong and long-lasting construction


  • A little too wide/deep for standard pocket door

13. JUBEST 15-13/16 Inches Double Side bar Pipe Handle Pull Set

JUBEST 15-13/16 Inches Double Side bar Pipe Handle Pull Set

A barn door wouldn’t be complete without handle pulls. For your project, check out the JUBEST Double Side Bar Piple Handle Pull Set.

This option features highly durable construction made of stainless steel. Aside from that, you will also love the smooth finish that adds to its simple beauty.

Highlighted Features

  • Stainless steel material with a smooth finish
  • Ladder-style bar handle (15 13/16 inches long)
  • Ideal for multiple applications
  • With a five-year warranty coverage

Because of its sleek look and smooth finish, this pipe handle pull set would look good in a variety of applications, including in homes, hotels, and offices. You can buy it in three different finishes: silver, matte black, and flat black.

The ladder-style bar design makes it suitable for either an entry or exit door. Just make sure that the door is of a standard thickness, which is anywhere from 1 3/8 to 1 ¾ inches.

Is it worth your money?

Definitely, but what’s more, you really have nothing to lose. The product is covered by a five-year warranty as well as missing or defective parts replacement. More than that, customers are guaranteed protection in case they are not satisfied with the product’s quality or performance.

The package includes all the needed parts for installation, too, so you won’t have to look for other essentials to have it installed.


  • Ideal for entry and exit doors
  • Compatible with doors of standard thickness
  • Easy installation
  • For homes, offices, and even hotels
  • Comes in three different finishes


  • Nothing to speak of

14. FaithLand Adjustable Wall Mount Floor Guide

FaithLand Adjustable Wall Mount Floor Guide

One of the most important parts of a sliding barn door is the roller guide. However, most tracks come with a plastic guide. If you want one that’s more durable, check out the FaithLand Barn Door Floor Guide.

This barn door floor guide is constructed from premium stainless steel. It can be used with interior and exterior sliding barn doors.

Highlighted Features

  • Heavy-duty, 304 stainless steel construction
  • Engineered polymer wheels
  • Adjustable wall range mount
  • Hassle-free installation with eight set-up options
  • Rust-resistant, sturdy, and non-corrosive

The ball bearing wheels guarantees a smooth and noise-free operation. These POM wheels are scratch-proof and would not cause damage to the door, too.

What’s impressive about this roller guide is its adjustable mount range, which ensures a perfect fit to door panels with up to 3 3/4” thickness.

The installation of this hardware features eight set-up options to match the customer’s needs. Plus, customers are given assurance that no damage will be done on the door during the installation.

Is it a good deal for the money?

The hardware kit is built to cope with rust, corrosion, and deformation. All parts needed for installation are already included in the package—no need for special tools.


  • Has super-quiet operation
  • Caters to varying size door panels
  • Comes with accessories and tools for installation
  • Guides the door to slide effortlessly


  • Might be too bulky

15. SMARTSTANDARD 12-Inch Handle


Complete the look of your sliding barn door with the SMARTSTANDARD Hand, Pull, and Flush Hardware Set. This set shows expert craftsmanship, which is evident in the fact that it is durable and aesthetically pleasing.

More than that, it offers more features that make it worth every penny.

Highlighted Features

  • Easy installation process
  • Caters to door panels with ¾ to 1 -3/4 inches thickness
  • Wide application
  • Includes finger pull, pull handle, screws (2), pad (2), wrench (2)

This door hardware set has a non-corrosive black finish that protects it from rust formation. What’s more, the edges are polished to perfection to prevent hand-related injuries, such as cuts.

Regardless of the orientation of your door, this hardware set would be a great match. The package includes all the needed parts so that you won’t encounter problems with the installation, as well.

Even if you don’t have much DIY experience, you can easily tackle this project. The installation process only requires the drilling of two holes and the use of screws.

Lastly, you’d be glad to know that this door handle can be used on different doors, both indoor and outdoor. It can be attached to sliding doors, gates, barns, sheds, and even bedroom closets.


  • Requires only drilling holes and use of screws
  • Used for interior and exterior doors
  • Compatible with doors made from wood, glass, and aluminum
  • Beautiful black finish
  • Stable and guaranteed to last


  • Short screws

How to Choose the Right Barn Door Hardware?

Picking the appropriate sliding barn door hardware can be overwhelming, especially since you’d find many designs, material, and finishes available in the market. Below are some pointers to remember as you browse different brands and kits.

  • Dimensions

When scouting for the best sliding door hardware, pay more attention to dimensions. To be more precise, focus on the size and material specifications associated with the following:

  • Single vs. Double Door

The component for a single door differs from that of a double door application. With a single door, the hardware rail should range from 6.6 feet to eight feet in length. As for the double door application, the hardware components will be more complicated.

  • Door Width

Another aspect to consider is the width of the door. Most options are suitable for doors with a 36-inch width. If you are aiming for an eight-foot track, invest on a door that is 48 inches wide.

  • Weight Load Capacity

Sliding barn doors tend to be heavier than your traditional single door. Check the weight load specification before buying a particular hardware kit. A reliable sliding door hardware should at least support doors weighing from 170 to 250 pounds.

  • Single- vs. Two-Piece Tracks

The installation process of sliding barn hardware can be tricky, particularly for people with no DIY experience. Because of this, most brands provide a detailed instruction manual that you can use as a reference.

For people in search of easy-to-follow installation, the single-piece track is a good starter kit. Why? Two-piece tracks may have a complicated installation because you need to ensure that the sliding doors move in tandem. Plus, maintaining a balance between two tracks can be time-consuming.

  • Finish/Style

Your preference for the type of finish or style will play a significant factor in your choice. If the goal is to achieve a rustic look, choose sliding barn hardware with bronze or black matte finish. The outcome of the installation should improve its overall appearance.

  • l- vs. J-Shaped Hangers

Sliding barn doors should have stable support. The vital part that is responsible for holding the weight of the sliding doors steadily is the hangers. These parts do come in two types—either for l- or j-shaped.

The l-shaped hangers are easier to install than the j-shaped option and require minimal clearance above the door. However, l-shaped hangers aren’t suitable for heavyweight doors.

J-shaped hangers are recommended for the installation of heavy sliding barn doors. The maximum weight load of this type of hanger is up to 100 pounds.  If you are working on a tight space above the door, though, j-shaped hangers won’t fit perfectly.

Still have Questions?

What are the standard sizes for sliding barn doors?

In general, sliding barn doors are 36 inches wide and 80 inches long. However, some barn doors have a measurement of 42 inches by 80 inches.

What is the ideal rail length?

To know the ideal rail length for you, take the correct measurement of your door first. The basic requirement for barn door hardware installation is the rail length must be twice the size of the door’s opening.
Extra space will be allocated for the stoppers, though. For example, if your door size is 36 inches, the rail length should be 78 inches long.

Can a barn door have a locking mechanism?

Barn doors open and close via the track. It’s very complicated to add a locking mechanism for this type of door, but it can be done.

Do sliding barn doors need a floor guide?

Yes, a floor guide is necessary when installing sliding barn doors. It ensures the doors swing evenly and quietly as they slide along the walls.

What should be the ideal space of the barn door from the wall?

The ideal space is dependent on the door size. For an odd-sized door, the standard space should be at least two inches from the wall. The inner part of the door should be held from the wall at least an inch.

Can I use a sliding barn door for the bathroom?

A sliding barn door is not advisable for the bathroom because it has slide operation and may have no provision for a lock. However, sliding door kits can be installed inside the master bedroom’s private bathroom.

Is a bottom track needed for sliding barn doors?

Like the floor guide, the bottom track is also vital in making sure that sliding barn doors work as they should.


Those were the best sliding barn door hardware kits that can make your project a success. Check each brand mentioned above, compare what each has to offer, and pick the right package that suits your needs as well as your installation expertise.

The successful outcome of a sliding barn door installation depends on the hardware kit you will use, so make sure you choose wisely.

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