Separate Beverage Refrigerator vs. Built-in Beverage Refrigerator

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Do you know that having a beverage refrigerator makes you look like you really have your life together? These refrigerators are specifically designed to chill various drinks, including beer, wine, soda, and energy drinks.

And if you are a frequent entertainer, you need a beverage refrigerator. It can be a separate beverage refrigerator or built-in.

However, if you live in a small space, you need to decide whether to get a separate or built-in refrigerator. Both are great options meaning that choosing one instead of the other isn’t an easy task.

It’s wise to weigh your options and figure out which type of refrigerator suits your home best. And to help you settle for one, we’ve listed down their differences for you.

Separate Beverage Refrigerator vs. Built-in Beverage Refrigerator

After going through this guide, you should be able to decide on the type to go for. Take a look.


The best Built-in beverage refrigerators are designed to fit under an existing counter. Whether you choose to use it as your primary refrigerator or not, this refrigerator frees up the much-needed space in your small apartment.

If you own a big home and have a bigger refrigerator that is already crowded, a built-in refrigerator will help store smaller items and free up some space in your main fridge.

Separate refrigerators, on the other hand, can be set up almost anywhere. You can have them in your man cave, game room, or home bar. This option is also an excellent addition for persons who like hosting parties from time to time.

The downside of the separate refrigerator is that it takes more space than the built-in version. It might, therefore, not suit you if living in a tiny apartment.

Vent Placement

A built-in refrigerator requires proper ventilation to avoid over-heating. Most built-in units, therefore, come with front ventilation.

Separate refrigerators only require enough space thus come with rear or side ventilation.

Unit Dimensions

When going for a built-in beverage refrigerator, you need to consider the depth of your kitchen counters. It should be of the same depth as the counter and other fixtures so that it is flush with the cabinetry.

This isn’t the case with separate refrigerators. Since you can place them anywhere, the size and shape don’t matter. You are, therefore never limited by the dimensions when selecting a separate refrigerator.

Outdoor Use

If you usually host outdoor parties, you’ll a separate beverage refrigerator is the best option. It gives your guests easy access to cans of beer and soda. And unlike with the built-in option, you won’t have people navigating the hallways of your home looking for a refill.


The main reason why most people prefer a separate beverage refrigerator to a built-in for their homes or entertaining space is that they are very convenient.

Remember that these units can be placed anywhere in the house as long as there’s an electrical outlet.

Now, imagine a situation where you’re watching a big game with your friends but have to run downstairs for a can of beer, too much trouble, right? This will happen if you have the built-in option.


Built-in beverage refrigerators are built to sit flush to the wall, meaning they don’t stick out in front of your furniture or cabinetry. They, therefore, give your space an altogether organized and tidy look.

Separate refrigerators are freestanding and do not have to height or depth as your cabinetry. However, you can choose to go for one with a color that matches your kitchen’s/room décor.

Temperature Control

Temperature settings on a separate beverage refrigerator are between 35 to 50 degrees. In built-in models, you get more temperature flexibility at 34 to 65 degrees.

Price and Warranty

Most separate beverage refrigerators come at an affordable price but have a shorter warranty period. Built-ins, on the other hand, have a higher price tag and longer warranty periods.


There are pros and cons to each beverage refrigerator. The biggest pro of a separate beverage refrigerator is that it comes at an affordable price and is highly convenient. The built-in version gives you more placement options as you can place it into your cabinetry or place it freestanding.

If you have a small home or living in a tiny apartment, go for a built-in beverage refrigerator. Go for a separate unit if working with a tight budget or looking for a model that you can use indoors and outdoors.