Top 8 Best Zephyr Beverage Centers of 2022 Review

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A beverage center is one underrated home appliance that doesn’t get the love it deserves. It is versatile, efficient, and innovative. In fact, it should be a part of every home!

The refrigerator enables you to store a wide range of drinks without compromising space. And guess what? This appliance isn’t your average mini-fridge; it’ll upgrade your home into an elevated entertainment space.

Are you interested in a beverage center for your home? Do you want to set up a man cave or an entertainment bar?

How about trying out a beverage refrigerator from Zephyr?

Zephyr is one of the best wine and beverage coolers manufacturers, among other kitchen appliances. Their commitment to ever-evolving innovation and unexpected design is the core of their business.

Do you know that it’s not easy to have it all with a beverage refrigerator? Temperatures may be perfect, but the motor is too loud. Or perhaps the unit is quiet but struggles to keep your drinks cool.

This isn’t the case with Zephyr beverage centers; every moment is perfectly chilled and whisper quiet.

The company has been in operation for over 2 decades now and is constantly pushing its performance, technology, and safety boundaries.

In this post, we review 8 of their top best beverage centers to help you make an informed buying decision.

Our Top Picks

A 24-inch beverage center made from 304-grade stainless steel, has a transparent dual-pane glass door,3-color LED lighting,34 to 65 degrees F temperature range rating, can hold 13 wine bottles and 84 12oz beverage cans, works quietly, and is easy to set up.

This dual-zone unit can hold 21 wine bottles and 64 12oz cans, has 6 full-extension black wood racks, 3 slide-out gray glass shelves, a temperature range of 40 to 65 degrees, boasts sturdy French doors, and filters air contaminants using a carbon filter.

A single zone 15-inch beverage cooler that features active cooling technology, precise temperature control, can hold 4 wine bottles and 64 12oz beverage cans, boasts 3-color LED lighting, temperature ranges between 34 and 65 degrees F, a UV-resistant dual-pane door, and a door open alarm.

This 24-inch unit features 6 black wire racks, 3 gray glass shelves, can hold 21 wine glasses and 64 12oz cans, has an Argon-filled dual-pane glass pane French door, multiple internal sensors, the temperature range between 38 and 65 degrees F, comes with clear installation instructions and is easy to install.

A 24-inch beverage center that holds 132 12oz beverage cans, has zero-clearance door hinges, the temperature range between 34 and 50 degrees F, cloud white LED lighting, electronic capacitive controls, a vibration-dampening system and is Energy Star Rated.

A 15-ich wine cooler with 6 wine racks, low-e Argon-filled double pane door, holds 20 wine bottles, the temperature range between 40 and 65 degrees F, has capacitive touch controls, uses active cooling technology, carbon filter air filtration, and comes with 3 colors LED lighting.

A 53 cu. ft beverage center with 1 full-extension wooden wine rack,2 slide-out gray glass shelves, zero-clearance door hinges, a temperature range between 36 and 65 degrees F, can hold 7 wine bottles,112 12oz beverage cans, door open alarm, and operates quietly.

This beverage center boasts a sleek black exterior, a roomy interior, can hold 13 wine bottles, 84 12oz beverage cans, has a temperature range of 34 to 50 degrees F, boasts excellent temperature stability, is easy to set up, and operates quietly.

Choosing the Best Zephyr Beverage Center

1. Zephyr PRB24C01BG Presrv Series

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Made using 304-grade stainless steel, the Zephyr PRB24C01BG is not only solid but also elegant and functional. It has a transparent glass door with 3-color LED lighting that helps you find what you’re looking for with ease.

The PRB24C01BG has a full-extension wine shelf and 2 slide-out gray glass shelves. It can hold 13 bottles and 84 12oz cans, spacious enough to hold a variety of drinks.

The fridge uses active cooling technology to keep your beverages at their ideal cooling temperatures. It also operates quietly hence perfect for tiny rooms and entertainment spaces.

When quiet, the PRB24C01BG Zephyr can chill your drinks down to 34 degrees Fahrenheit. A vibration dampening system minimizes vibrations from disturbing your beverage bottles.

With this unit, you also don’t have to worry about the accumulation of odors now that it has a carbon filter that removes odor-causing contaminants.

Other features include a door open alarm, electronic capacitive control, and a full-extension black wood rack.


  • Boasts a durable and classic look
  • Has great shelf arrangement
  • Works quietly and effectively
  • Has a sturdy slide-out wine shelf
  • Doesn’t take a lot of space
  • Is spacious and easy to install
  • Comes with excellent interior lighting


  • Expensive

2. Zephyr PRWB24C32BG Presrv Dual Zone Beverage Refrigerator

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Second on the list is the Zephyr PRWB24C32BG, a dual-zone beverage center with a capacity of 21 bottles and 64 12oz cans.

From a visual perspective, this refrigerator is extremely sleek and stylish; it’ll make a statement in any kitchen. And the build? Quite sturdy now that it’s made from 304 stainless steel.

And just like the PRB24C01BG Zephyr, this unit comes with 3 color LED lighting that makes it easy for you to access your drinks at night.

The fridge has 6 full-extension, black wood rack with stainless steel trim (hold wine), and 3 slide-out gray glass shelves for other beverages. All shelves slide out with ease enabling you to access your drinks effortlessly.

An internal compressor cools the wine between 40 and 65 degrees Fahrenheit and beverages between 38 and 40 degrees F. You don’t have to worry about vibrations shaking your bottles as the unit uses the vibration dampening system to sort this out.

It has a sturdy French door that swings open with ease and has a door open alarm that beeps to notify you that you’ve left it open.


  • A carbon filter removes odor-causing contaminants
  • It’s made from sturdy stainless steel
  • All shelves slide out with ease
  • Operates quietly
  • Has commercial double-glazed glass doors
  • Has 3 LED color options


  • Highly-priced

3. Zephyr PRB15C01BG Presrv 15” Single Zone Beverage Cooler

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If looking for a slim beverage refrigerator, you’ll most likely fall in love with this unit. The Zephyr PRB15C01BG is a 15-inch single zone fridge that will fit into any small space in your bar area, kitchen or den.

It features an active cooling technology that offers one of the best temperature stability in any beverage refrigerator.

Although quite slim, the unit comes with 3 shelves, a full-extension black wood rack that holds 4 wine bottles, and 2 slide-out gray glass shelves that can hold 64 12 oz beverage cans.

And like other Zephyr beverage centers mentioned in the list, this fridge is made from sturdy 304 stainless steel. It boasts 3 color LED lighting in deep blue, cloud white, and amber.

The PRB15C01BG supports a temperature range of 34 to 50 degrees Fahrenheit and a vibration dampening system that not only keeps it running quietly but also protects the bottles.

The UV-resistant, argon-filled, dual pane glass door keeps light out of the cooler. The door has a door open alarm as well.


  • Is energy star rated for efficiency
  • Ultra-quiet operation
  • Open door alarm ensures that the door isn’t accidentally left open
  • Has a zero clearance door hinge to prevent banging
  • Compact but spacious enough to hold about 70 drinks
  • Suitable for tiny spaces thanks to the slim fit design


  • Holds only a few wine bottles

4. Zephyr BWB24C32AG Brisas Series 24” Dual Zone Beverage Center

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The Zephyr BWB24C32AG is an elegant beverage refrigerator with a capacity of 750 ml. It can hold 21 bottles of wine and 64 12oz cans.

The unit features a UV-resistant, argon-filled double-pane French door. The door keeps light out of the fridge and showcases glass shelves that conveniently store your favorite beverages.

To maintain accurate temperatures for your drinks, the BWB24C32AG has multiple internal sensors. This, together with Active Cooling Technology, provides temperature stability and even cooling.

Note that the temperature range for each zone is 38 degrees to 65 degrees F.

It has 6 black wire racks with w/black trims and 3 gray glass shelves to help you organize your drinks with ease. And to minimize wine disturbance, the unit uses a vibration dampening system.

You can use the fridge as a freestanding unit or a built-in one since it’s compact and built to fit in small spaces.


  • Made from sturdy 304-grade stainless steel
  • Has electronic capacitive controls
  • 3-color LED lighting illuminates your drink in the dark
  • Has a zero-clearance door hinges
  • The vibration dampening system reduces noise and vibration
  • Maintains accurate temperatures
  • Comes with clear, simple instructions to set up


  • A little noisy

5. Zephyr PRB24C01AS-OD Outdoor Single Zone Beverage Cooler

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If you plan to install a beverage center in your outdoor space, try the Zephyr PRB24C01AS-OD.It is one of the most outstanding outdoor beverage refrigerators on the market and makes entertaining easy.

The unit features a durable 304-grade stainless steel body and can hold 136 12oz cans. It has a zero-clearance door hinge, meaning that should you place it against a wall, it won’t bang against it.

To maintain accurate temperatures (34 to 50 degrees F), the PRB24C01AS-OD uses precise temperature control. Active Cooling Technology ensures even cooling.

It boasts internal LED lighting in cloud white, has a pro handle that makes opening the unit easy, and locks with a key lock.

The unit features a full-extension black wire rack to help you organize your wine bottles and 2 slide-out gray glass shelves for other beverage cans.


  • Electronic capacitive touch controls
  • Is Energy Start certified for efficiency
  • The key lock helps you store your drinks securely
  • Has a vibration dampening system
  • It is pretty roomy-stores 1136 12oz cans
  • Well-built and sturdy


  • Expensive

6. Zephyr PRW15C01BG Presrv Single Zone Wine Cooler

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Here comes yet another slim-fit compact single zone beverage center from Zephyr, the Zephyr PRW15C01BG. And yes, it’s a 15-inch unit just like the PRB15C01BG.

Unlike all the other beverage centers discussed in this list, this refrigerator is specially made for wine bottle storage only. It 6 has full-extension black wood racks to help you organize your favorite wine bottles.

The fridge is solidly made from 304-grade stainless steel and will thus last longer. It has a dual-pane low-e Argon-filled glass door that improves insulation and increases soundproofing characteristics.

The low-e coating minimizes the amount of UV light that passes through the door. A door open alarm will always notify you when the door is left open.

The fridge has a capacity of 27 wine bottles and a temperature range of 40 to 65 degrees Fahrenheit.

Other features include capacitive touch controls, carbon filter air filtration, vibration dampening system, zero-clearance hinge door, active cooling technology, and 3 color LED lighting.


  • Helps to store more wine bottles
  • Compact enough to fit in a tiny kitchen space
  • Shelves pull out fully for easy loading
  • Fits perfectly in 15-inch spaces
  • Has a solid door that keeps UV light out
  • The vibration dampening system enables quiet operation


  • Store wine bottles only
  • Expensive

7. Zephyr PRB24C01AG Single Zone Beverage Cooler

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With a 5.3 cubic ft. capacity, the Zephyr PRB24C01AG will hold enough beverages to last your family for a while. It has 2 slide-out gray shelve glasses and a full-extension wooden rack for wine bottles.

This fridge boasts a temperature range of 34 to 65 degrees F. Optimal cooling is achieved with the combination of an advanced compressor and active cooling technology.

Housed in a solid stainless steel body, the unit can be used either as a freestanding or a built-in cooler. Its front ventilation and zero-clearance hinge door allows it to be used almost anywhere in your home.

It boasts 3-color LED lighting that comes in handy during the night when you want to take a glass of your favorite wine.

The PRB24C01AG can hold 7 wine bottles and 112 12oz beverage cans. It has a 304-grade stainless steel Argon-filled double pane glass door and operates silently.


  • Super quiet and cools drinks fast
  • Easy to set up and use
  • Has a door open alarm for security
  • 3-color LED lighting
  • Zero clearance door hinges prevent banging
  • Efficient vibration dampening system


  • Changing the controls is a little difficult

8. Zephyr PRB24C01BPG Panel Ready Single Zone Beverage Center

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Last on the list is the Zephyr PRB24C01BPG, a panel ready beverage refrigerator that will help you chill and preserve your drinks. Its sleek black exterior and 3 color interior lighting option gives it a classy look.

The colors also make it easy for you to select a drink during the night easily.

The PRB24C01BPG can hold 13 wine bottles and 84 12oz cans. Precise temperature control and active cooling help store wine and other beverages at their ideal temperature.

It has front ventilation slits that allow you to store it under a cabinet or as a freestanding unit. Its temperature range is 34 to 50 degrees Fahrenheit.

The unit operates silently, has a solid zero-clearance hinge dual-pane glass door, and is easy to install and use.


  • Has a roomy interior
  • Operates quietly
  • Is highly functional and elegant
  • It can be used as a freestanding unit or as a built-in
  • Offers excellent temperature stability
  • The glass door elegantly displays the beverages


  • Doesn’t have retractable glass shelves

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Are Zephyr wine coolers good?

Yes, Zephyr wine coolers are excellent wine refrigerators. Wine centers from this brand keep wine chilled to the perfect temperature.

Q. Is Zephyr a good fridge brand?

Zephyr is a good Beverage Center brand

Yes, Zephyr is an excellent brand for refrigerators. They make high-quality and highly functional refrigerators. Their beverage centers work quietly, are highly efficient, and store beverages at their ideal temperatures.

Q. Where are Zephyr refrigerators made?

Zephyr refrigerators are made in China.

Q. What is a beverage center?

Best Zephyr Beverage Centers

A beverage center is a specially designed refrigerator that stores both bottles and cans. It’s the perfect home appliance for storing your wine bottles and favorite beverage cans.


If you love to entertain or have a big family and like purchasing your drinks in bulk, get a beverage center. You’ll not only save your regular sink space but also always entertain your guests with ease.

All refrigerators discussed on the list are high-end units from an award-winning brand. You’ll most likely not regret getting your beverage center from them.

However, it is important to note that these Zephyr beverage centers come with a high price tag. But well…if you want to get the finer things in life, you must be ready to dish out a little more dough, right?